Americans Love Their Soldiers

America has its freedom due in large part to the efforts of millions of soldiers that have served throughout the history of the US. Many had no choice and were drafted back in the day and now, given the harsh economic conditions, enlisting in the army is a good option to provide for one’s family (although that’s debatable). With all the mess around American foreign policy, soldiers often times get insulted and disrespected in the cities they’re occupying, and for those soldiers that really cross the human rights line, they deserve it.

When soldiers come back home to American soil though, the majority of us have respect for those who risked their lives for reasons that honestly do not make sense to me. I know plenty of soldiers and they’re good people. All they did was follow executive orders, didn’t question authority and watched each others back as they went into battle.

At my welcome home dinner, my family got me two inflated balloons. One said “Welcome Back” and the other was shaped like a star with the American flag printed on it. Though I did not serve in the military, most people in the restaurant assumed I did. I got high fives, people thanked me, and an old lady even bowed to me. I almost saluted her just to play along. I’m no Captain America, but in a weird way, I did “serve” my time abroad to honor the principles this country stands for. And I also received a lot of shit for it too.

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