Spring Break shenanigans in Mexico and what they think of you…

All of my family, friends, and acquaintances know that I lived in the US most of my life, so they often ask me “así son todas las gringas locas?” (“are all the crazy gringas like that?”). I can’t help but laugh whenever I’m asked this by my aunts so I ask them to elaborate on their question. It doesn’t take long for me to understand what they keep referring to and their response can be summed up in the picture below:


Apparently, my aunts keep seeing gringa boobies everywhere. My aunts are only a few of the millions of non-Americans around the world that cater food and services to the parties and spring break bashes of college students. But for some reason, only “crazy gringas” are ever remembered for this kind of event. Whether or not you can do something about educating the locals that are hosting and welcoming you to their country during your vacation is not my point. It’s understandable that you flew several hundreds of miles to get shit-faced in tropical beaches where the beer is in fact stronger. I understand and so do the dudes and chicks you made out with at the party the night before. However, before you point the finger and cry out “they don’t understand!”, think about where that “crazy gringa/o” perception is coming from.

This is not a lecture, but just an FYI.

You may now go back to your Brazilian wax and continue to drown yourself in all the tequila and coronas you can handle. We will gladly take your dollars in exchange for that experience.

Oh, and remember, it’s pretty easy to forget that you’re a Rhodes Scholar and soon to be Harvard alumni when your last morning in Mexico ended up like this…

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