OBAMA in Mexico!

Obama will be in Mexico April 16-17. His visit comes at a very important time when drug-trafficking and immigration reform are being debated on both sides. It will be interesting to see what results from the presidents’ talks. Obama has his plate full of promises and a difficult road ahead. For Obama to deliver on all of his promises would be like the US having a Black presi…oh wait…Yes we can! Yes we can!

You know, I’ve always thought about what the presidents really talk about behind closed doors and how they talk about it. I mean, seriously, they control their countries. Perhaps Calderon (Mexican President) will trade 15 tons of marijuana for 15 thousand illegal immigrants to “cross” unnoticed? Maybe Obama will be like, “what the hell is wrong with Carlos Slim (the richest man in the world, who is also Mexican)? Look what our Bill Gates is doing.” One thing is for sure: they need to cut the political pretentious bullshit and implement realistic policies that are beneficial to BOTH countries. So far Obama has walked the walk. We can only “hope” that he keeps it up and serves as an example for the rest of the leaders around the world.

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