Michelle Obama and Latino Fashion Designers

First of all, it’s pretty amazing that the First-Lady of the United States always dominates global media attention over all the other first-ladies around the world. Why? Who knows, but I can tell you one big reason why Michelle Obama brought sexy back into the white house–Latino fashion designers.

Secondly, for some reason, the older women get, the shorter their hair and the more stale their fashion becomes. As a matter of fact, whenever I think of old women, I think prunes. Their fashion in the white house has been terrible and practically non-existent such that it made their husband’s neck ties stick out and as exciting as a Cinco de Mayo piñata (and if you’re Latino, that’s pretty damn exciting!). I’m not a fashion guru but over the last few months I’ve witnessed something that I never thought I would in my young life. I felt a connection with Michelle Obama that I could not understand until it was pointed out to me this past week. Something that I did not think would happen until the first Latino/a President would come into office. Though I don’t consider Michelle a milf (I view her like I would a godmother, so, eh no) her ability to bring some style into her wardrobe is greatly appreciated.

A quick shout out to those Latino and Latina fashion designers that have made this happen include but are not limited to: Isabel Toledo, Narciso Rodriguez, María Cornejo, and María Pinto.

One can only hope to see Barack Obama in a Guayabera one of these days…

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