Mexican Idol Rejected

So I’ve been contemplating traveling throughout Central and South America during the summer and this swine flu crap is making it less of a possibility. For all of my people around the world who have coveted this beautiful brown skin and ethnic and cultural background, let me tell you one thing: NOT ALL MEXICANS HAVE THE SWINE FLU! You can still dream and aspire with your ritual summer tans before visiting the taco trucks. If all Mexicans had the swine flu, you would have it right now. Who do you think is preparing your meal at the local restaurant joint? Who’s cleaning the seat you’re currently sitting on right now? I don’t intend to perpetuate stereotypes here, but the reality is many Mexicans do occupy those employment positions in the US. As a matter of fact, chances are you go to school with one of us. But if being afraid of Mexicans is gonna be the new fad, sorry my Latin American peeps, you look like the rest of us 🙂

Once again the Mexican is the butt of the joke and we gladly rejoice in the self-directed joking. However, it has now gone too far. People are acting like Mexicans are the only ones with cooties which is estuped. I can understand if a country is afraid of regular Mexican citizens, peons who live close to the supposed pigs who transmitted the swine flu, and perhaps get intimidated even by Super Vato. But Vicente Fernandez? Señor “Chente”–the man every Mexican’s mother would make love to if given the opportunity was rejected in Peru!!!!!!!!!! If a Mexican deity like Chente is not allowed to enter, as flattering as it may be to live as Super Vato, I don’t think this frijolero is going anywhere this summer  🙁

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  1. Super lame…but if it makes you feel any better it’s not only happening to Mexicans. The 5th graders at my school in the Japanese immersion program were supposed to go to Japan this summer to visit a school there and do homestays and what-not but the Japanese are not allowing them to come anymore cuz they think all Americans have swine flu. People are quite estuped, as you say. But I’m sorry to hear about your travel plans 🙁 I have a feeling it will pass by the time you want to be traveling though.

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