Machete Movie

I love the movie industry, especially when it serves to fight against social injustices. I love it even more when they incorporate Latino actors 🙂

From the moment Arizona enacts SB 1070 into a law, its provisions outlined measures for law enforcement that were as ridiculous as this movie:

I’m an optimist. I like to think of the glass as half-full. It’s moments like this that people “wake up” and create movements, begin to collaborate with others, fight for a cause, and stick together for a greater good. I’m a huge proponent of creating the space to have fun along the way. So even though Arizona didn’t intend it, in a weird way, it did create job opportunities for these actors and many others involved in fighting this law. Once the movie hits the theaters and people pay to see the mocking of this law, Arizona will have achieved an unconventional way to stimulate the economy. Keep it up Arizona!

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