If you google frijolero, you will find two things: 1) Molotov’s youtube video from their hit track “frijolero” ; and 2) Wikipedia’s definition of the term which is the following: a derogatory term for a person of Mexican/Latin American descent.

First, Molotov’s video does illustrate many of the sad realities present at the US/Mexico border. This kind of sentiment stems from actual events and experiences of people beyond the US/Mexico border. The fact that Molotov spent a lot of money and time to make a song and video about the term says a lot about the potential sting of the term.

Second, why does the term frijolero have to be derogatory? Why can’t it be a term of endearment or a word you use to promote ethnic/racial pride and bonding? Well, it is. What wikipedia fails to point out is not only the intent of the word, but whom it’s coming from. You see, the term only becomes derogatory or a racial slur whenever an outsider (someone who is not Mexican or Latin/American) uses it with the intent to offend or to be disrespectful. And even then, they won’t call you “free-ho-le-row”, but instead will call you “beaner”.

Third, if a Mexican or Latin American uses the term “beaner” while referring to another fellow frijolero, then they probably have beef with the frijolero (man, this is starting to sound like a potluck…beef and beans, I’m getting hungry). Though Latin Americans tend to have their inter-ethnic conflicts with one another, there will come a time when Molotov is gonna have to come out with their new hit single: “Don’t call me frijolero you f@#$’n beaner.”

Personally, when I use the term frijolero, I use it with the intention to literally point out the fact that I love beans. Gracias a Dios, for me, eating beans is a choice and not an obligation. And as my little cousin says, “If you love beans that much, then why don’t you marry them?” You know, if I could I would 🙂

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