Cinco De Mayo in Arizona

With all the crazy shenanigans of criminalizing anybody who looks like an immigrant in Arizona, I’m willing to bet that didn’t stop the parties today. If I know my fellow Mexican immigrants like I think I do, whether documented or not, there will be many celebrations and social gatherings IN PUBLIC. To all my fellow immigrants living in Arizona, I raise a toast to you (raise your favorite Mexican drink) and God Bless America.

Man, that last sentence alone would make a great Corona beer commercial…

On a more serious note, don’t forget to carry your identification! Getting all liquored up may make you think you’re invincible and invisible. Don’t be stupid today. I was once told that the graveyard is filled with courageous people. Though you may not end up dead today…which reminds me, stay away from the Minuteman Group!… you may end up on the other side of the desert (Mexico).

Peace and Love,


PS. Thanks for giving us another reason to celebrate my dear French friends!

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