10 Year Bet

I made a bet with a friend back in high school. A one thousand dollar bet. We had agreed that whoever was the fattest in ten years (or most overweight compared to our high school body proportions) would have to pay up. We would appoint neutral judges to confirm the winner.

I still remember the day we made the bet. Moments after shaking hands and making the bet official, I took a look at her, then at her mom, then back to her and one last look at her mom. I took a deep breath (big sigh) and thought to myself, “I should have raised it 10 thousand!” I know, I know, don’t be mean Payazaro. Looks can be deceiving, but giving birth can do a number on you. A deal is a deal. Our 10-year high school reunion is right around the corner. Thank you facebook for the preview. It’s almost time to cash in on my money…

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2 thoughts on “10 Year Bet”

  1. …yeah…just don´t be so blunt about it. Some guy called me fat the other day… yes I have lonjitas pero no es por tanto. Good thing I´m not the type of woman that obsesses over her weight. Chales.

  2. If I wanted to be blunt, I would have posted pictures. I kid, I kid. I write fictional truth. Meaning the bet is real but she’s not Godzilla. I know women and weight is a sensitive subject. I know where I tread…

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