Folder vs. Carpeta

May 1, 2011

Today’s Spanglish word of the day is folder.

Today’s Spanglish word of the day is one that I constantly have to think twice about. Maybe it was all those school folders and binders I had to buy year after year from kindergarten up until college. I still remember reminding my mom in Spanish to take me to the store because I needed to buy “folders” for school. She would always look at me weird and be like, “que es un ‘folder’?” After I pointed to the cheap 10 cent folders in the school supply aisle she realized that I was actually talking about a carpeta.

Lets look at some  examples:

Cuando era niño, el folder que tenía era de las tortugas ninjas.”

“My teacher me dijo que mi folder de Disney era diabólico only because Mickey Mouse had bloodshot eyes.”

The proper Spanish translation for the English word “folder” and the Spanglish word “folder” is carpeta.

“My boy felt shafted after the girls received their carpetas with princesses and unicorns on them and all he got was my plain and stale gray leftover work carpeta with coffee stains.”

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