Fleivor vs. Sabor

June 30, 2011

Today’s Spanglish word of the day is fleivor (also spelled as flavor).

Nobody likes stale and plain food that does not possess much flavor! As a Latino, I demand flavor in everything in life! And so do Spanglish speakers who keep perpetuating this word in their daily vocabulary.

Lets look at some Spanglish examples:

“Poor desperate husband thought that if he put the perfect amount of spices, salt, and sauce on expired chicken that the good fleivor would get rid of the salmonella.”

Creo que estoy enamorado! El fleivor de sus labios era más sabrosos que los mejores chocolates de este mundo.

The proper Spanish translation for the English word “flavor” and the Spanglish word “fleivor” is sabor.

“Ask any Latino what the secret to dancing like a god and he/she will tell you it’s sabor.”

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