Carpeta vs. Alfombra

February 8, 2011

Today’s Spanglish word of the day is carpeta.

You might still be confused after reading the post on the difference between a folder and a carpeta. Some of you out there may be like, “Wait a minute, I thought a carpeta was the fluffy and sometimes cozy cotton that when connected together make a comfortable floor.” Nuh uh girlfriend, that is a carpet in English. In Spanish, however, the word doesn’t look or sound anything like its English translation. To see what I mean, lets look at some Spanglish examples first:

Dude, you totally need a carpeta because this wood floor squeaks like crazy.”

Que mula es. Se cree muy chingón solo porque importó su carpeta de Italia.

The proper Spanish translation for the English word “carpet” and the Spanglish word “carpeta” is alfombra.

“Don’t leave the baby naked on the alfombra! Put his diaper on or else he’ll stain it again.”

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