The Power of My Glasses

As I prepared for my trip to Spain, I quickly encountered several visa entry requirements that could have ended my trip with the immigration officer at the Madrid airport. You would think a receipt of your round-trip ticket and evidence of your hotel reservation would suffice, but the Spanish Migra reserves the right to request many more documents the moment they stereotype you as a shady and potential illegal immigrant. Though the scars on my face may initially give the impression that Payazaro is  indeed a shady thug, I wore my lucky frame-less intellectual glasses. The history and power of these glasses is so strong, that I have refused to upgrade to newer glasses. I haven’t even updated the prescription on them. Call me superstitious, but those glasses are so powerful that traffic stops the moment I get to a crosswalk even if the traffic light is green. When I speak, people drop what they’re doing and listen with their ears and eyes. When I wear my glasses, people call me “Mr.” Need I say more?

Immigration at the airport was basically divided into 2 lines: EU/US passports and OTHER passports. My Mexican passport was considered “other.” Did I fret? Psh! I had my lucky glasses sucka fish! If you’re an American and possess a US passport, it is another reason to consider yourself fortunate. Though most of the world hates you for numerous reasons that I will not go into, they still want you to come to their country and spend your dollars. That means the visa and legal barriers you will have to face are virtually non-existent. Being part of the first-world has its perks, I get it, but it is definitely unfair.

Payazaro understands, for he reaps the benefits of possessing a Mexican passport when traveling to less developed countries in Central America. I don’t even need to wear my glasses! Which reminds me, I’m not big on being “politically correct” but calling countries third world is messed up. Like if these people were from a place three planets away from earth. No wonder immigrants are often called illegal “aliens.” I prefer the term “developing countries.”

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