I’ve always been a fan of Flamenco. I like the way the dance is presented on stage. Like Tango, it is very sensual and sexy. You can see and feel the passion flow from artist the moment he/she steps on stage. There is always a story told, but I like to zone in and out of the lyrics and focus my attention on the movements, the tapping, the arm motions,  the clapping, the snapping of the fingers and the emotion on the dancer’s face. Besides, it’s pretty difficult to understand what the hell the singer is saying most of the time.

Flamenco dancing should be the universal way to court and win a person’s heart. I believe there’s a bird species that utilizes dance to impress and find a mate. You don’t need a dance partner to do it and both men and women can give it their own flare. It’s a great indicator of a person’s health and fitness as well. If they’re into you but can’t finish the song because they’re too fat and tired, then you know ahead of time what you’re getting yourself into.

On my last day in Madrid I saw some young “cool” dudes parked at the edge of the street rebelliously bumping flamenco music like the homies in the US bump hip-hop and rap. I don’t know if they were trying to be “hard”, but if they were, it was difficult to take them seriously as they tapped their thighs and snapped their fingers in the air.

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