Rubik’s Cube New Years

Hello blogging world! I’ve been as busy as a taco truck during lunch hour at the orchards. I’m starting to forget some hilarious and awkwardly funny moments of 2012 and we’re only a couple of days into 2013. In order to avoid this from happening, I will make sure I document such events more often. Digital technology can be a double edge-sword with a sharp mouth at the tip waiting to bite us in the ass sooner or later. Well, don’t run away from the sword I say! Hold it in your hands and show it who its papi is (or mami if you’re a hardcore feminist reading this)!

To welcome in the New Year, I went to a Rubik’s Cube themed party. Not gonna lie, for a second I did think a bunch of nerdy peeps would be huddled around in a circle frantically racing to put all the same colors together on that little squared toy. Instead, we had to show up wearing all the different colors represented in the Rubik’s cube which are red, white, green, orange, blue and yellow. For example:

The objective of the party was to switch one article of clothing/item with different people so that you could end up in one color at the end of the night. Wait, I know what you’re thinking, “did Payazaro go to a swinger’s party?” No. Though that did cross my mind, nobody welcomed 2013 the same way they entered the world–naked.

Though I may have started the night looking like a confused transvestite, it’s all I could find in my apartment 1 hour before the party started. All stores were closed on New Year’s Eve so unless I wanted to be “Mr. Safeway Paper & Plastic Bags” this was gonna have to do. After arriving at the party, it didn’t take long before the trading and matching madness began. As if I didn’t arrive with enough flair, the color I ended up trading for was red:

I was stylin’ with my red capris! Good times with good peeps 🙂

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