Protecting the Youth One Hamster at a Time

I’ve seen weird ads throughout my life but this one caught my attention. First of all, is that a hamster or a gerbil? Even more important, why is it so cute? So is this ad saying that it’s OK for a gerbil/hamster to chew if he is: a) 18 years of age, and b) has an ID?


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1 thought on “Protecting the Youth One Hamster at a Time”

  1. Yeah, I saw this at a gas station and asked the clerk about it.. Both of us had agreed that it was more likely to convince children (whom of course would have thought at animal was adorable) that chewing tabacco and cute hamsters dressed up like rappers totally go together. The picture is way more appealing than the message, since everyone has seen a “must show ID” notice before. Its product placement and subliminal content – and should be stopped. The clerk was just as disgusted with it, unfortunately they get paid to have those Ads, so his manager was not interested at all in removing it.

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