Kids and Coffee

I’ve always loved the smell of coffee. It’s warm and it’s aroma makes my nose hairs wiggle with joy. I never drink it though. I was trying to remember when my coffee abstinence began and it must have been when I was kid, not tall enough to be seen at the dinner table, but short enough to sneak up and take a good ol’ sip of the “adult beverage.” The after-effect? You could have put a crack addict next to me and we could have passed for twins. I was already hyperactive without it, but you add caffeine to the picture and you got yourself a mini-rave in a tiny body. That’s not the reason I quit. The real reason is that it makes my stomach feel weird… osea, chorro. Moving on…

I don’t think kids should drink coffee, but if they do, I’m gonna have my camera around me to capture their hilarity. For example, my little nephew Raulito:

This video makes me laugh without fail every time I watch it. That is one hell of a “I have a demon in me” look. If there’s ever been a person that I believe could be the next CEO of Starbucks, it’s him. Nobody likes coffee more than Raulito. If there is someone out there that thinks otherwise, don’t tell Raulito because that will make him mad. You don’t want to get him mad. Because when he gets mad… just watch the video again and see what will happen 🙂

But if you get on his good side, he may still stare at you with his lips smeared all over the glass door and not feel one bit awkward:

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  1. It makes me laugh every time I see this video too! Too funny and selfish not to share with friends and co-workers 😉 Kids should definitely not drink coffee. Agreed!

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