I’m Back! In More Ways Than One!

Hello everybody! Damn, it’s been a while since I last came in here to write. No one even cared to reach out to Payazaro to make sure he was alive. Was it because I sometimes write in third person? Sometimes Payazaro has to do that or else his writing gets a little too personal and boring. The last time I wrote, my grandma’s house caught on fire 🙁 Very sad news for the family and for my grandmother. As humble of a home as she may have had, no fire could destroy her spirit. Fortunately, she had plenty of family in gringolandia making enough dough to chip in to help and restore her place just in time for the holidays. That was last year, and I was still in Mexico…

Now I’m back in gringolandia! A completely different world than the one I was living in the last 4 years! It all happened so fast and yet so slow, kinda like a rabbit in a turtle shell… ok, the imagery of that analogy made better sense in my head than it does typed out. I missed writing but will admit that I decided to step away from the blogging for one particular reason: I was being sarcastic to be negative, rather than being a little negative to display my sarcasm. There is a subtle and important difference between the two. I originally started this blog because the world around me was not a pretty one, and people looked at me weird for noticing. Instead of allowing myself to become a person I did not want to be and accept the realities being imposed on me, self-preservation kicked in and the crazy thoughts had to come out somewhere. I don’t even consider myself a writer. This blog served as my only platform to vocalize my thoughts. Regardless of how immature those thoughts may have been, writing them out always gave me reasons to laugh and smile. I never had an imaginary friend growing up like many little white kids do in the US, but if this blog has the same effect, then I’m glad Payazaro came to be 🙂

I’m back cabrones! It’s time to start the random social commentary again…

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