How Not To Hit On Someone On LinkedIn

For those of you on LinkedIn, you know that it is a professional site to professionally engage and connect with other professionals professionally. If you don’t and instead choose to fall out of the rules and expectations of said website, someone like me may publish such behavior. Especially if such behavior caused you to hit on my wife!

The following message was found in my wife’s LinkedIn inbox:

I know this is very unprofessional but i just had to send you this message. I noticed your profile on LinkedIn and you sparked an interest to me. If you have a chance, look at my profile and let me know if you would like to continue communicating.I am interested in finding true love,a woman that has a big heart,ready for a serious and honest long term relationship,a woman that believes in a one man,one woman kind of relationship,a woman that has true moral,cultural and family values i saw your profile and it caught my attention and i like to know more about you.

Please send me your email address and phone number so i can add you to my messenger. You seem like a very lovely person.i would love to keep communication with you. Do you have an email account, that we could communicate through..

Please let me know if you do.

Have a splendid day. Hope to hear from you soon.

I get it. This dude has no way of knowing if a woman is married by looking at her LinkedIn profile. But at the same time, it’s LinkedIn and not The likelihood that this request was spam is very high. Who still uses messenger? That is so early 2000’s. I wanted to lead him on like Manti Te’o, but my charm would have only made this creeper fall in love. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife cuz now they’re coming through linked in…

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2 thoughts on “How Not To Hit On Someone On LinkedIn”

  1. LoL. Payazaro, tomalo como halagar para ti por saber escoger. The dude was smitten. Do you blame him? Maybe his beliefs about her were not to far off the mark. Sounds like a new website idea.

  2. Be careful for scams. But if he is an african prince or minister, be sure to send your credit card to him ASAP so he can pay for your visa 😉

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