Experiencing Diddly Squat

A year ago today I knew I was moving back to the US. I didn’t tell my family or friends, I just kept it to myself for a few days just walking around town, hanging out with people, playing basketball and doing the same things I always did. It truly was an interesting time knowing that the world that had absorbed my life for 4 years would soon become part of my past. Kind of like a scar you’re proud of, that you can always look at as a permanent reminder of what that experience meant in that particular time. When I did decide to tell people I was leaving they didn’t believe me. After all, I had been telling them that for the last couple of years! Little did they know that this time it was for reals. I didn’t say goodbye to everyone, I just vanished the same way I abruptly plugged myself into la vida loca de Mexico.

So today I think back and am thankful for being a bit naive, optimistic, curious, and most of all, purposeful in the direction(s) I have taken my life. What I’ve come to learn about life experience is that it gets enriched the more I expose myself to worlds and situations that are different than me or what I’m used to. We all have passions, interests and hobbies that take much of our time but that don’t really stretch our comfort zones or imagination. Embrace the contrasts that give your life a diverse palette to work with that at the end of the day only allow you to connect and relate with more people. Experience is understanding. Even if all the understanding you obtain is that you don’t understand diddly squat. Diddly squat eventually turns into something. That “something” is experience that will serve a purpose one day. Kind of like Felix the Cat’s bag of tricks to dig into when you need it 🙂


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1 thought on “Experiencing Diddly Squat”

  1. Nice one Lazaro. Made me think and reflect.
    Yup I have an excess of diddly squat accumulated – good for playing Jeopardy, maybe:)

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