Pitbull Concert

I’ve only been to a few concerts in my life, not because I haven’t been interested, but because they can be expensive. Call me codo, but there are only three singers or bands I would donate a kidney in exchange for a ticket: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Maná, and if she made comeback, Lauryn Hill.

While in Nicaragua, Pitbull (who is one of my favorite rappers) was making a quick tour for his Latin American peeps and I couldn’t believe how inexpensive the tickets were. For 20 US Dollars, not only did I get a VIP ticket, but open bar service as well! I looked long and hard for the fine print but my cousins told me to stop trippin’ out, that’s how much tickets usually cost there. I was shocked, stunned, and felt so American. I needed to be slapped.


Anybody who has ever heard Pitbull’s music knows that he can get really sexual real quick. But then again, what pop-culture rapper doesn’t? Pitbull, however, has become a marketing master as he is well versed in English and Español. That means he’s not only turning on crazy gringas, but Latinas, Blacks and everybody in between. I don’t need to get into his lyrics because his track titles give you a good idea of what he raps about. For example: “Toma”–It doesn’t just mean drink, but also take. Take what? Next song please 🙂  “She’s Freaky”, the instant classic “Culo”, “That’s Nasty”, “Take You Home”–To do what? Next song please… and “Sticky Icky” are just some to give you an idea.

On a more serious note, I really liked how he catered his music to Latin Americans. Most of the songs he rapped were in Spanish and he was constantly interacting with the crowd. I saw a part of Pitbull that hardly gets televised or gets overlooked by his cocky demeanor and luxurious lifestyle. He gave his little speech to the crowd about how he appreciates their support and that he wouldn’t be the famous rapper if it weren’t for them and yatty yatty yatta. OK, I know it’s part of the show, but what he says is true. Latin Americans love Pitbull. I know I love his musical beats. But it really made me think about how little he profited from this concert but yet still went out and gave a great show. Not that the bras and panties being thrown at him didn’t serve as incentives or anything 😉

Outside the concert we found his drunken stunt double:

Pitbull Look Alike

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