Mirador de Catarina, Nicaragua

Looking back, the weather in Diriamba, Nicaragua, was amazing. Due to its high altitude, there is always a breeze and therefore the temperature is always cool. It was definitely a nice change from my beloved hot and humid Manzanillo. My second day in Nicaragua had a pleasant surprise. An aunt of mine flew into Nicaragua after having last visited over 40 years ago. Apparently, she had separated from her long-time partner and wanted to get away from anything that reminded her of the breakup. It was no surprise that as soon as they arrived from the airport, everyone but the driver was drunk. Welcome to Nicaragua Tia Rafaela!

The next day, we made it out to el “Mirador de Catarina”:

Mirador de Catarina

As soon as you move past the surrounding restaurant and shops, you literally get hit by the wonderful breeze and the lake’s striking view. Breathtaking and absolutely beautiful. It’s definitely a love bird’s zone. Given that my significant other was not there with me, I will definitely return and fulfill my duties as a Latin Lover…

Overlooking this lake is a nice little restaurant with live Marimba music. We dropped in for our routine beer and botana (appetizers) to enjoy our pleasant view. Suddenly, this “fluffy” little kid sitting across from our table starts feeling the music and decides to dance solo:

Fluffy Kid

Notice his lower-lip bite. He’s definitely feeling the Marimba beat. Then it got more interesting:

Fluffy Kid shirtless

He decided to show off his glistening back and managed to get a dance partner. As the locals would say, tuani (cool). The pictures don’t do justice to his shaking attributes. So I managed to get a short recording of his performance. Enjoy:

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