Lago De Cocibolca

One of the cool spots I got to check out was el Lago de Cocibolca, which is also known as Lago de Nicaragua. This is a very interesting lake. First, it is the biggest lake in all of Central America. Obviously it plays a huge role in water supply and reservoirs, so if there is ever a global water supply crisis, I’m going back to my family!

Secondly, I was told there were sharks in this lake that cross and jump the rapids between the ocean and lake. Even though I never saw one, I was ready to jump in and tackle it super vato style. I feel sorry for the person who was leisurely swimming and first discovered the sharks back in the day. You see my American peeps why we Latinos have the crazy stories we share? If it weren’t on the National Geographic, you probably wouldn’t believe us…

Thirdly, the lake has over 400 small little islands and they’re big enough to build your house on them! My favorite of them all was this secluded private island home:

There was a little monkey island too!:

Monkey on small island

Lastly, transportation on this lake is inevitably romantic:

canoe transportation

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