Christian Bus Messages

I always find it interesting how much we occult our believes and religious faith (or lack thereof) in public. I was so used to seeing the public practice of many religions throughout the US that I had forgotten how catholic Latin America truly is. Place yourself anywhere in Latin America, and I am willing to bet you that you will come across a Catholic church on your way to any bar. If it weren’t for colonialism, I’d almost say the Catholic Church did that on purpose. Talk about messing with your conscience. So if you’re about to go do something naughty, don’t even look the other way as you walk by, chances are there is another cathedral there too. There is no way around it, literally and figuratively.

In Nicaragua, however, they go one step further. The public transportation system reminds you who is in charge:

God is Great
God is Great

Grande Solo Dios
Only God is Great

Grande Solo Dios

Yes, even the retro school buses 🙂

I thought it was cool to see that. It certainly beats a “Satan is steering the wheel”. No thanks.

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