You’re Lesbian, So What?

I once heard that the harder we try to conceal something from people, the more obvious it becomes. I generally agree with that statement and to see it in myself and in other people is actually quite comical. We become extremely self-conscious of that “thing” and it slowly turns into an obsession that can consume our mind if we let it. Oh, and if anybody catches on and touches that sensitive subject, we will lash out in denial or simply pinpoint that person’s insecurity or “thing” that is eating at them and expose it like a bag of ice in the desert.

I have a cousin who is lesbian. Her sexuality is not funny and therefore not the purpose of this blog post. What is comical, however, is how obvious her sexuality is in her lifestyle and yet, she refuses to “come out” because she doesn’t want anyone to know. Denial to the 10th degree. No boyfriends in the last few years, she’s lived with a female housemate  (girlfriend) for many years, the whole family talks about it behind her back, and lastly, her partner confided in me about their dilemma of being publicly lesbian. That pretty much settles it.

I’ve never touched this subject with her because it really shouldn’t matter. I extend my support like I would with any other family member and I’m a little extra empathetic to her ordeal. I’m not gonna lie though, it does change the way I perceive her attentive eyes on MY girlfriend. I’m not worried, but I certainly wouldn’t let them go to the bathroom together.

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