You Are Not What You Have, You Are What You Give…

“You are not what you have, you are what you give.”

That is what a friend just told me. I consider myself an optimist, a “glass half-full” kind of guy. However, even though I see the good in people and try to focus on that, there are moments where you just gotta hit them with the truth. The truth is, what you are giving is crap, and if you are what you give, then yes, you are crap as well.

Am I being a little harsh? I think not. I can focus on the positives, but that will lead me down the path of preaching to the choir. Why tell the choir what they already know? Instead, I dedicate this post to those who give crap and expect the opposite. Maybe they don’t know they’re giving crap? I doubt it. You can sugarcoat it, but once you get past that sweet layer it will still taste, smell, and shine like crap. There is no way around it.

Lets be honest, some people don’t like to give. And that is where I believe the above statement will bite them in the ass. What do I mean? OK, lets say you are what you give. Sometimes, the person you end up giving to is non other than yourself (yay for giving to yourself!). Even then, that doesn’t change the reality that what you end up giving is crap. What you do with what you gave yourself only you can decide, but the point is that YOU gave it to yourself and now you have it. So if you are what you give, and what you gave yourself is crap, then surprise, you are none other than crap itself. So the above statement is incorrect. You are what you give AND you are what you have.

The solution is easy. Don’t give crap.

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