Why I Write

If you’ve never taken the time to sit down and write, I highly recommend it. Even if you don’t publish it and leave it hidden in a notebook for nobody but yourself to see, do it. The rewards are endless. If writing for you means drawing pictures to portray your thoughts (like a comic book) that counts too. The point is that it is a healthy exercise. Why? Because you get to express yourself! If you want to express yourself through silence and being sedentary, cool, but just check yourself for mono because that may be the source of that expression! But this post is about writing and tapping into that writer within you. The trick is to express what YOU want in whatever way YOU want to express it. Just be mindful of other people’s human rights and the law, oh never forget about the law! As far as the law goes, those are two cents I’m putting back in my piggy bank is all I’ll express here for now 🙂

I figured out that writing comes naturally when you have a purpose and direction for your writing. For me, my purpose and direction is summed up in my tagline written at the top-left of this website and it reads: Because sometimes the only person that can make you laugh and smile is yourself. Everyday I bump into boring and pessimistic people. How sad. They choose to remain boring and pessimistic. I can be pessimistic, but certainly not boring. If no one is gonna make me smile or laugh, I have no problem doing it myself. I know my humor is twisted and can at times be awkward and uncomfortable. If you feel that way, then just be thankful you weren’t around me when the shenanigans actually took place. But there is always something to smile and laugh at in life. So for every post I write on this blog, rest assured that I clicked “publish” with a big grin on my face. And that purpose is well worth the effort 🙂

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