Whale Watching

In my last day in Baja California, I had the opportunity and great joy to go whale watching. Truly an amazing event. Humans are the only species that make an event out of the mating and breeding of another species. That is exactly what was going on with these gray whales. They swim thousands of miles to get to warmer water, they endure the dominant physical attention by more than 1 male whale at a time (even dolphins were joining in on the voyeurism fun!)–the least we can do is give them some privacy. Nevertheless, the whales likedededed it. They would come up close to the boat and ask for attention. I’m not gonna lie, it was a little freaky to be in that vulnerable situation with a massive whale right below the boat. Some would even pop their head or fin up so you could pet them. I must say, gray whales are pretty ugly. Given my ignorance with the whale species, I expected them to be a little similar to the one on Free Willy the movie. But then again, Willy was a killer whale. Anything with “killer” as part of its name should probably stay as far away from me as possible 🙂

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  1. I was just looking at a similar trip yesterday. Those same great whales will make their way up here to Seattle waters in the next coming months. May take a trip and check them out.

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