We Meet Again Dirty Dishes

I hate washing dishes. And I’m not talking about the process of rinsing and placing them in the dishwasher. If that were the case, then I’d hate doing laundry as well. Oh no, my whole life I’ve had to wash them by hand, each plate, cup, spoon and fork. Every day, its the same thing. Dirty dishes pile up and they taunt me. Just when I think I conquered them, more dishes pile up from who knows where. I’ve heard some people say that it soothes them to do the dishes, and to those people I say “get some help”–and I don’t mean another set of hands to get them cleaner faster.

At one point, my family used to have a functioning dishwasher for several years. Not once did they let us (their kids) use it. My parents said it would foster and breed laziness. What a shame. I once came home early from school and caught the dishwasher in spin cycle. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t think my mom was expecting anyone to witness what I thought to be a once-in-a-lifetime event (I later discovered she used it several times behind our back!). She quickly mumbled her excuse for using it but I wasn’t listening for I was still in shock. Once I gathered my senses and came back to reality all I remember hearing was my mother say, “I don’t have to explain anything to you…go do your homework!” Smooth mom, smooth…

If you own a dishwasher in Mexico, you are basically considered uppity. You can have a big ass screen TV that has compromised your family’s food for the next few months and people will high-five you, but if you own a dishwasher, you will be ridiculed for your great fortune and effective cleanliness. Let haters hate…and we will šŸ™‚

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  1. Dude, in mi familia we also never had a dishwasher. To this day my parents refuse to buy one, stating that there was no use for one. Lucky for me, I actually enjoy washing dishes by hand. Always have.

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