Valentine’s Day in Mexico

So if you don’t know what words to use for your Valentine, please read my post on “te quiero or te amo?” I think people underestimate the power of words, especially on a day like today. It can mean the difference between making an impact or getting your face smacked, getting teased or getting pleased, and most importantly, giving love or making love.

What I like about Valentine’s Day in Mexico is that it is very inclusive to people that do not share a romantic and intimate relationship. The holiday name in Spanish says it all– “El Día del Amor y la Amistad”–The day of love and friendship with the emphasis on amistad (friendship).

Think back to the Valentine’s Day cards you bought and received back in the day. I don’t ever remember passing out a “Hey, you’ve been a great friend” Valentine card. A card that stated “Happy Valentine’s Day” was enough. No need to get touchy-feely. Which reminds me, I don’t think it should be a requirement that every kid in school give out cards to all of his/her classmates. Lets face it, some kids can be jerkmuffins and should learn that being that way will lead them to a path of loneliness, with no love or real friendships. And even if they own more cats than one does friends, it should never be a bragging point on their behalf…how sad.

I must admit that I underestimated the friendship part of Valentine’s Day today. My friends and peers here in Mexico did not just say “happy V-Day” just for the sake of stating the holiday. They instead hugged me and reminded me that my friendship was well appreciated even if I didn’t get them anything. Then they quickly proceeded to ask me where their present was. Luckily for them, I give really good hugs 🙂 So to you, my friends, Feliz Día del Amor y la Amistad! I send each and everyone of you a tropical hug and a gentle kiss on the cheek.

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