Toilet Etiquette

From a very young age, I can remember my mom teaching me that I must always place toilet paper on the toilet seat before taking care of business. It is a golden rule that I take seriously even at my own house. I don’t care if it is a brand-new and straight out of the box toilet, my tussie must touch tissue first.

At my current employer, the men to women ratio is at least 20:1. So, the men’s restroom is always being trafficked. Like a fraternity, you quickly become less self-conscious about peeing side-by-side another co-worker in your own stall. Leave the toilet stalls available for those who really need it for more serious business.

Every once in a while though I can’t help but notice that oddity that is clearly breaking the man code and rules. Is there something I don’t know, or is there a movement for men to pee while sitting on the toilet? I don’t know if this is a Korean thing, but I have noticed it on several occasions at work. If they say they’re not, they are lying. Evidence #1: Your feet are supposed to face the wall, not stick out the stall door, which is clearly an indication that you’re sitting. Evidence #2: No toilet paper tearing sound before or after taking care of business which is hella nasty. I highly doubt you carry your own personal stash of toilet paper, pre-torn and ready for use. And Evidence #3: There’s no way you can take a dooky in 15 seconds or less. I timed you. No, I’m not sick, just a little more curious than most.

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2 thoughts on “Toilet Etiquette”

  1. I spent a year in South Korea, I can tell you that Korean toilets resemble long narrow sinks, except they are on the floor. You have to squat to use them. When I say squat I mean putting your butt towards the sink like toilet and hugging your knees. This style of toilet was difficult to get used to, it was an excersise in flexibility and contortion. This really sucked if you where a little bit on the husky side because it was a difficult positon to hold. If you peed standing up like we do here in the west, the shape of the sink would cause a splash back that got everywhere and if you were a guest in someones home then it became an extremely embarrasing situation. (Like Americans, most Koreans dont have urinals at home) Many Koreans have western toilets but may not know western toilet etiquette. Maybe you should hold a Western Toilet Etiquette Class. As far as lining the seat with paper, I can understand that if it isnt your very own toilet. Other than that I always go bareback. But I will keep your post in mind if I ever use your toilet LOL.

    As far as breaking the man code, there is a whole lot of man code violations in Korea. But western man code is hella different than South Korean Man code. For example if you see two dudes sitting side by side on the subway and they are holding hands, I was told they werent gay, just best friends. So if you ever visit S. Korea, just know that you’ll be jealous of the number of dudes who have “best friends”.

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