To Be or Not To Be… Dramatic

So I just got a text message from an uncle that today is one of my millions of cousin’s birthday and that they expect me to show up to his party. Well, it just so happens that this cousin and I have a history. We never got into a fight or anything, but I did let him live in my house for about 6 months so he could get back on his feet and become self-sufficient. Well, in order to make a long story short, I will explain what happened with a little saying an uncle of mine always tells: “la visita después de tres días es como el pescado, empieza apestar.” (Translation, “Guests/visitors after three days are like fish, they begin to stink”). It’s not meant to be taken literally, but it definitely stunk up our relationship.

I wouldn’t be Latino if there wasn’t drama in my life. I don’t create it (unless it’s just for fun), but I do like to face it straight on (after enjoying the discomfort in people’s eyes from the awkwardness created by the drama). I feel like everywhere I turn to, family and friends, there is always drama. Maybe because I live alone, I notice it even more whenever I step out of my house. I used to have schizophrenic moments where I would fight with myself, but that’s all love and I have my best interest in mind.

They say time heals all wounds and makes the past just that, the past. However, this cousin still owes me money. So for not getting a personal invite to attend his b-day party I will show up with no present. Maybe I’ll just tie a bow around a plain white card that reads: “10% off of what you owe me.”

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    1. Thanks prima. I think it was all the subway sandwiches I was eating at work. I had cut down on my bean consumption and that translates well for EVERYBODY! 🙂

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