Thoughts from Sleep Deprivation

So I’m still recovering from all the fireworks madness leading up to the celebrations of our lady de Guadalupe. Which, as a side-note, how in the world do they know she was a virgin? How do they know all the holy virgins worshiped throughout Latin America were/are indeed virgins? Aside from Jesus’ mother, were these holy virgins ever human at some point in time? If not, then how could a spiritual entity engage in sexual intercourse? I need answers, NOW!

My sleeping schedule is completely messed up at the moment. To go to bed is one thing, but to fall asleep is another. When I do fall asleep, there seems to be that sporadic firework going off near my house that always succeeds in waking me up. I was called a “grinch” for complaining about the fireworks. I think that comparison is a little inaccurate. I’m more of an Ebeneezer Scrooge. If I wanted to be a grinch I would have walked over to the church at 4am before everyone showed up and stolen the Virgen de Guadalupe statue to ruin the parade. Sometimes good ideas come a little too late…

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