The Love For Your Cat or Dog

It’s been a while since I’ve owned a pet. I would love to get one but it’s a responsibility I’m not willing to take on at the moment. I believe domesticated animals are essential for introverts that struggle to interact and socialize with other human beings. It’s much easier to win the conversation battle with your obnoxious meowing cat and soapbox barking dog. If your pet keeps interrupting you and hogging the mic, you can always regulate in ways that you can’t with obnoxious loquacious (damn, that’s a good vocab word!) humans.

How far some people are willing to go for their pets astounds me. I used to have a problem with people who spent a good portion of their income on giving their animals “The Life”. But if you have the money, spend it, but don’t flaunt it to those whose children have it worse. That is one sad reality to think that some of these dogs are having a better life than I am. Doggy country clubs, hotels, spas, and other luxury services. I guess that’s the beauty of a niche market and some people are more than willing to pay for it. From a cat vs. dog comparison, it is my understanding that there are more dogs enjoying this glory. Poor cats are getting the shaft. As a cat person, I believe calling them the underdog would be a misnomer and an insult. Where’s the cat love? From now on, we should use the term “undercat”.

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