The Irony of Family Loans

I have a compassionate heart. I care for people and their well-being. Over the course of my years in Mexico, I have loaned some family members money knowing I would not get it back. Sometimes employers don’t pay their workers on time and so that leaves their families without money for food, diapers, or any other basic necessity. OK, I guess that’s a good reason to open my wallet. They promised to pay me back, but I knew it wasn’t within their reach in the immediate future. Or so I thought…

I had a cousin (we’ll call her Penelope) call me today telling me her difficult stressful situation with work, bills and life. Penelope makes a decent living, pays for her brother’s college education, daughter’s private elementary education, and provides for her family still living in Nicaragua. I respect her deeply for that knowing she could have easily turned her back on them. Penelope proceeded to tell me about one particular loan she took from a cousin of ours (we’ll call him Lucifer) because she didn’t have enough to pay for her daughter’s full tuition costs and it needed to be paid in advance. It turns out Lucifer was demanding his money and it was getting to the point where she was stressing about it and it was affecting their relationship. I told Penelope, “today is your lucky day.” The loan she had taken from Lucifer is right around the same amount Lucifer borrowed from me several moons ago. I instructed her to tell his punk ass to stop complaining about his money and to let him know that the circle is now complete. Now he knows how I feel. Karma can be a female dog and Lucifer is not exempt from it.

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2 thoughts on “The Irony of Family Loans”

  1. This one made me laugh so hard! This one is my favorite post so far because you made it right. Como le quedo la cara al lucifer eh?

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