The Best Thing About School Is When It’s Over

Hmmm, what the hell is happening to younger generations?! “The best thing about school is when it’s over” was the facebook status update I saw written by a cousin of mine who is only in the 4th grade. 4th GRADE!! I believe you’re still coloring pictures in the 4th grade. What can you hate about the 4th grade so much that it makes you want to leave school? Are kids not wanting to play four-square with you? Did the girl you like not give you a “Be Mine” card on Valentine’s day? You don’t even use deodorant in the 4th Grade! And I believe it was still considered cool to punch and/or pull your crush’s hair. Come on, you still have recess a couple of times a day during school! And you get cheese-zombie at least once a month! Everything always gets easier for the youngest generation and little do they know how easy they have it. One day there will be a generation younger than them and we will soon see eye-to-eye…

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