The Beauty of Checklists

I used to think checklists were overrated. They’re not. Maybe my memory is not as efficient as it once was when I was still in school. I never needed them and I made fun of you if you had one. I must say that I underestimated the power of a checklist. When you have time to spare, even sending an email can take you all day. Having a checklist will remind you that the email you just spent the whole day on should have been completed a long time ago! I’ve noticed that when I don’t make a checklist of “things to do TODAY” chances are I didn’t get everything I wanted done.

I know I’m an extremist, but sometimes I even put my breaks in as part of the checklist so that I don’t “accidentally” take one while I’m supposed to be working. As an adventurer, that definitely cramps my style because it’s kinda hard to improvise when my day is all scheduled. I know what comes next and what will come after that. That is why I put “procrastinate” on my list. When that is the next item on my checklist, I’m all over that baby!

Though making a checklist might be boring, business is taken care of and stuff gets done. It works so well that I even put on my checklist to “make a checklist” and I do.

Seriously, try it. I dare you…

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1 thought on “The Beauty of Checklists”

  1. I feel ya. For me, using a checklist is like using a ledger to keep track of money in the bank. If you budget your time, you always end up with a little left over for fun, work, to invest or to pay your dues. A checklist can simply save you time or even save your life. I don’t leave home without it. I don’t do journals or diaries, but a checklist take their place.

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