Super Soju

Apparently, Koreans can hold their liquor. Rumor has it, even more so than Mexicans. I was shocked to hear that from a fellow Mexican coworker who previously worked and studied in Korea. According to her, it is customary in Korea to go out drinking after a long day of work…all week. Makes sense. But then again, we do too here in Mexico.

I don’t take pride in the fact that there is a lot of alcohol consumed by the masses throughout the day almost everyday in Mexico, but if the lifestyle and standard of living mirrored that of Koreans, I would applaud it (the drinking, not the higher standard of living). Unfortunately, Korea and Mexico are practically on the opposite ends of the socioeconomic spectrum, and they drink more?!!!!!!! I’d like to order a shipping container of Soju please!

It’s true that alcohol serves as a buffer to the social problems and poverty the majority of Mexicans face. But that is pretty much the case for every country, including those of the “first world”. So if alcohol is not negatively affecting them as much as it’s affecting us, then what explains the difference in our economies? Are they truly aliens as a fellow coworker suggested?

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