Smallest Airport In the World

Every once in a while, I like to take a trip throughout Mexico even if it’s for business. Actually, I made it a requirement to take a trip outside the state of Colima every 3-4 months. Three months go by fast and if you think about it, that’s only 4 trips a year. They don’t have to be extravagant and long, but just enough to refresh the mind with new people, environments, food, and culture. I don’t have much money, but I do have something more valuable than that–Time!

Last week I went on a business consulting trip to Baja California Sur to help facilitate a course on intercultural communication in a global workplace (more on that on a later post). I’m still at that stage where I prefer the old-school bus as my mode of transportation even though I know a plane gets me to my final destination much faster. In this trip, I had no choice. My flight was already paid for and we were flying via a trusted airline. Well, up until we had to make a connecting flight from Hermosillo, Sonora…Yikes! As soon as we get to the airport, this would be the aircraft that would fly us over the Gulf of California:

At first, I thought it was a toy. Then I saw a pilot go in and out and figured he was a local in need of a good runway. Then I saw my luggage going underneath the aircraft and that’s when I realized how effective of an antiperspirant my deodorant really is. Very rarely do my hands sweat more than my armpits, but 9 times out of 10, an airplane is to blame.

The plane ride was smoother than I expected it to be. After 30 minutes of flying and hovering over a long strip of desert, hills and barren fields, I thought the pilot was making a stop to pick up a VIP status customer. I thought, “what a baller, this customer has his own runway…” Looking down from the plane high up in the air will lead you to believe that way down there at the end of the runway is a house. Once the pilot made a full stop, he told us to have a good day because we had arrived at our final destination. Holy crap the airport IS a house!

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2 thoughts on “Smallest Airport In the World”

  1. Hi amigo. I find myself sucked into reading all the past posts I’ve not had time to read and get into before – and well there is far too much to comment on than I have skill or time to type out but THIS one brought back a very vivid memory of time in the Peace Corps in Peru and a regional airline trip I and other volunteers had occasion to use. To start off one has to recall that the “airport” is at over 12,000 feet anyway in the Andes and taking off and flying one particular airline was, well your flight was class and luxury ! How about flying so low over mountain tops that one could actually see the clumps of ichu grass growning on the hilltops,mountains actually. How about when having to climb altitude to go over a mountain or range the little hose you have to breath on for oxygen…. and so on. Thanks for jogging my memory on this one, and by comparison…… you were in the lap of luxury!! maybe when I get to DF this summer we can meet up on the road and plan a little time to pueblear…. now on to the next one, this is truly candy for the mind. You always have been a great one for conversation…. it continues…..

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