Sleepy OJTs

Every morning when I show up to work, the office is filled with Korean employees. Several of them are “on the job trainees” (known in the office as OJTs). Two OJTs happen to sit right across from me and because we don’t have cubicles, everything and everybody is out in the open.

There is a saying in mexico that goes “el que no debe no teme”, which literally translates to “he who does not owe does not fear” but it can mean “he who has nothing to hide has nothing to fear.” Well, these two OJTs that sit in front of me have no fear. By the time I start my computer and fill my bottle of water and sit down, their drool is hanging from their mouth half-way down onto their shoulders. If you’re confused, then now you know how I feel most mornings as I sit still staring at them. I enjoy simple awkward moments. I wanted to take a picture so bad but, a) it is not permitted; and b) I did not have a camera. I turned to my neighbor and asked him if they were actually sleeping. In Mexico there is no political correctness and therefore he said “you can’t tell if a Korean is sleeping just by looking at their eyes.” I guess this particular phenotypic characteristic (sorry, I had to throw that word out there. I didn’t go to college and learn big words for nothing!) goes in their favor in this situation.

Maybe these OJTs have Mono. I don’t judge, but I’m certainly jealous. I wish I could sleep on the job and still make bank. Maybe one day…

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  1. They are probably drinking Soju on the job, or maybe you need to let them know you don’t take siestas in Mexico, siestas are for Spaniards. So if they want to be in keeping with Mexican tradition they should drink some coffee and get to work.

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