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So I had completely forgotten that an aunt of mine works for a Colima local newspaper and this morning she sent me one of their reporter’s findings on the cleanliness (or lack there of) of the water containers of the water bottling company Santorini.

How the word got out about this situation arose from several complaints made to the Santorini company about a strange smell from the water containers and that the water tasted like “mierda” (translation: “shitty”–no pun intended). An unauthorized self-proclaimed “lab-expert” did some studies and found that the fecal particles in the results exceeded the permitted limit. Santorini then considered the results and accusations as false because they did not come from the state’s health administration. The state’s health administration is in the process of revealing the results and soon we’ll know what the verdict is.

Chances are the results from the health administration will conclude that they in fact do not exceed the fecal particle limit permitted, but that’s exactly the problem, there shouldn’t even be a limit. I understand if it’s dust particles or pieces of plastic within the water. But fecal particles? Ok, somebody please fill me in and save me from my ignorance. My understanding is that fecal particles can only come from one place in the body, your culo. So either some frijolero in that company has a really bizarre fetish (with the water containers, machines, or both), or the containers are being returned like that by the consumer (which makes the fetish more probable behind their private closed door homes). I don’t think boiling my water will save me from this one πŸ™

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