Sam’s Club Betting Against Mexico In World Cup

I could write a dissertation about the pride that pumps through every Mexican’s heart. During World Cup time, this pride boils with so much passion that our Latino Heat actually contributes to the global warming problem we are facing today. I once witnessed an amazing and unique Mexican moment in Mexico while heading over to my best friend’s house to watch a regular FIFA Mexican Selection Team game. Because I was running a little late (surprise!), I missed the first few minutes of the first half. Every house I passed on the way there had their TV set on the same channel, watching the same game, with the volume all the way up. Their hearts were beating in rhythm, eyes glued to the screen, and crying babies turned silent as they learned the ways of becoming a loyal fan. It was poetry at its greatest to the point where a manly tear almost came out of my eye.

It is this emotion that Sam’s Club wanted to capitalize on in more ways than one. Sam’s Club recently had a promotion where if you purchased a big screen TV and Mexico made it to their 5th game  (the quarter final match) during the World Cup and won, the TV you bought would be on their wallet. People ate it up and contributed to record sales throughout many Sam’s Clubs in Mexico. The first thing that entered my mind was, “Oh no you didn’t!” Sam’s club was looking at the historical stats and realized Mexico has never made it past the quarterfinals and used those odds for business. But the point of the point of the point of the point is… they are essentially betting and counting on Mexico to lose! But Payazaro, a free big screen TV!!! When you play with our emotions like that Señor Sam, you better recognize and know the Aztec gods will make you pay!

I was once told the following: “Business is business my friends.” OK, chido. Maybe history is stacked against Mexico, but it was just yesterday when they defeated Italy–the defending World Cup Champions. Beware Sam’s Club, there is always a first time for everything…

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  1. so did you make the investment in a new tv? I tried finding Mexicans in Vietnam to watch the world cup with… but no luck 🙁

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