Payazaro Doesn’t Need Alcohol

Many of you think Payazaro’s life is make believe. Everything I write in this blog is real. It’s as real as a unicorn without a horn. You may confuse it for a horse, but it’s still a unicorn. Payazaro’s life is as real as that mosquito that you hear buzzing around your head… bzzzzz…. bzzzzz…. but you can’t see it. Oh, it’s there. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be smacking your head trying to kill an imaginary thing like a silly goose. Perhaps some things sound exaggerated, well, your face is exaggerated. I used to think I was a little schizophrenic, but the reality is I’m speaking too many things, too fast, at the same time…or am I answering my own questions? You are Payazaro.

Though Payazaro is a part of my real identity, it is one that is still very suppressed and repressed. I keep him in check in public for he not knows his own strength and the potential damage he is capable of causing. People need to be liquored up in order to fully accept and welcome him, because if they are not, they question my sobriety. Even when I tell them to smell my breath, they pass on the great opportunity. Fine, don’t judge me and make accusations, Payazaro doesn’t need alcohol to be who he is.

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