Milk Mustache

There is no denying that I’m an extrovert. Like most extroverts, I was always too busy being in the spotlight to pay attention to the small details in the environment and the people around me. However, over time I have developed an uncanny ability to isolate my attention to one particular thing in the midst of chaos. For instance, milk mustaches. Very chaotic.

I was chillin’ with my cousin having a good time eating cookies with milk. I was joking around and making her laugh to the point where she started choking on her cookie. I told her to drink some milk to wash the cookie down and so she took a big chug like a burly man would during beer fest. Instead of concerning myself with her wellbeing, my eyes quickly zoned in on her milk mustache. The milk at my house wasn’t even whole milk and yet the milk soaked and stuck into each hair strand above her upper lip like a triple-thick milkshake. It was incredible. Ladies, if I can dip a cookie on your milk mustache, it might be time for a wax.

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