Milk Man’s Day

Today at work, all the women were allowed to go home early for Mother’s Day. That made one women in particular go bananas! She pranced, skipped, leaped and frolicked throughout the halls. I had never seen her smile until today since she is THE señorita cara de fuchi of the office. To her, today is “go home early day” and not “Mother’s Day”. I get it, everyday is mother’s day but she didn’t seem excited about going home to see her kids. To top it off, during her ridiculous frolicking, she made sure to click her heels and tell every man around her that only women were allowed to leave work early. The only 2 things missing were lucky charms popping out of her ears and a rainbow landing on her desk.

I find it interesting that all the women were allowed to go home early even if they didn’t have kids. It’s “Mother’s Day”, not “Women’s Day”. Letting all women leave takes away from the special honor of being a mother, which is being celebrated today. It’s like telling those women who don’t have kids, “hey, go home and make one!” I have no problem with that except for the fact that their husbands are still at work! In that case, maybe today should be considered the “Milk Man’s Day” as well 🙂

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