In Mexico The Businesses Come To You

It’s been a while since I’ve been at home in the morning more than two days in a row. This Mexico Independence 3-day holiday weekend was very refreshing and very much needed. Even though I did sleep in, I was still up relatively early. The sun was barely rising, the birds were chirping, butterflies were hanging out in my small front yard, and I opened all the windows just to let the morning fresh breeze vent my entire house. I felt like Cinderella without the fugly step-sisters.

Then I remembered why I used to think twice about opening all the house windows. My house is on the corner so there are pedestrians constantly trafficking the front and side of my house. Half of those pedestrians are vendors looking to sell EVERYTHING. Just in this weekend alone I had offers of: beer, clothes, fruits, furniture, bread, Virgin Mary ornaments, honey, pillows, fans, electronics, pots, vegetables, fish, smerfs, gypsy palm readings, but unfortunately no human kidney.

If you ever decide to relocate to Mexico and find yourself in an empty house, there’s no need to worry. Just stand at your front door with your checklist and wallet because the businesses come to you in Mexico.

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