Living Alone

You know you’ve lived alone too long that when you see your reflection in the mirror you salute yourself and sort of expect a response.

I highly recommend it though, not the saluting yourself part, but living alone. Taking the time to live alone can be difficult at first, but it is one of the best things I have done for myself. I didn’t move to Mexico with that goal in mind, but it was a fortunate byproduct of my housing situation. Yea, you’ll start hearing random noises and tend to confuse the voices of people walking outside your house with the voices in your head, but the benefits that come from living alone are endless.

Warning: if you’re predisposed to being a loner for life, don’t do it. Nobody wants to be lucky enough to walk by your stenchy house only to discover that the stench is coming from your corpse that has been decaying there for months. Cats and dogs traffic the roofs of most houses here and chances are one of them will sneak in, gnaw on and drag pieces of your body to your neighbor’s living room. Unless you’re Marilyn Manson, that’s not the most popular way to say goodbye to them.

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