Jealousy In The Workplace

Before I was born, my mother took extra vitamins of R-E-S-P-E-C-T. As a newborn, you could see the abundance of respect overflowing from my eyes. I was never that greedy baby trying to hoard any breasts in sight. If you were a girl I liked in elementary school, I never pulled your hair. Instead, I just stared at it until you became uncomfortable. In middle school, I accepted your request to be my girlfriend just out of respect even though basketball was more interesting and entertaining than you. In high school, I picked up your books from the ground and carried them for you even though I knew you would misinterpret this kind and respectful gesture for me wanting to hook up with you…puh-leez. During college, I kindly agreed to say that I was your “boyfriend” at the bar so guys would leave you alone, when in reality, the thought of being your boyfriend made suicide appealing. If that isn’t respect, then I need to go see a psychologist. As gay as this behavior may seem, it isn’t. The only difference between a person demonstrating the behavior I did and a person humping all those girls’ legs like a mad barbaric man is RESPECT. And yes, kids in elementary school do hump other kid’s legs. OK, so now that we have established my long history of respect towards women, I can address my current situation…

So a fellow female co-worker and I were discussing a work-related project at her desk and out of nowhere she decides to shove me with one hand and tells me to get away from her. Being the respectful gentleman that I am, I immediately felt guilty even though I had done nothing wrong. Could I have possibly outdone myself and been too respectful? I nicely asked her what I had done wrong and she said that her boyfriend was coming over to her desk and she did not want to be seen talking too close to another man. No seas mamona. If that’s what you want, then shove yourself back into your mother’s womb. I thought her reaction was disrespectful to my respectful ways. It was so disrespectful I gave her a half cara de fuchi (all eyebrow action; no flare of the nostrils or lip wrinkles). Jealousy in the workplace when you both work together is immature and ridiculous. If you’re a girl and your jealousy gets in the way of doing your job, which requires interacting with people of the opposite sex, then either sign up for convent school or be a stay-at-home mom. And don’t make eye contact or wave at the mail man.

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  1. Look at it this way amigo….her little act of disrespect and childishness had nothing to do with you and everything to do with that ignorant pendejo that she calls her boyfriend. His game is so weak that his masculinity is easily threatened even by the sanchos who are only fixtures of his imagination. At home he probably threatens and belittles her to no end, so she is scared to even give the slightest apprearance of impropriety. Even though he may not be physically present he is heavily present in her mind. (He is succcessful at his goal, por eso esta lavada del coco) Thats the power of fear and ignorance at work all at the same time. She must not be all that to begin with, a good women always lends herself to be respected anywhere anytime, and by anyone not just at work. She demands no less. Seldom should she have to ask for it. People will just no not to mess with them. But if you look around at how women and men dress, behave and act, you would think they were freakin circus clowns begging you to dis them. Sorry too long a rant.

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