Grandma’s House On Fire

Hello my peeps, it’s been a while. I’ve been meaning to check-in and write more but lately I’ve been a little social butterfly. Even when I’m home, I don’t get around to writing because I’m too busy relaxing on my hammock and enjoying being alive. If I get too pensive, my mind tends to steer into a vicious path of complex contemplations about EVERYTHING. I never really took the time to understand how exhausting that could be. If your mind is on overdrive expect your behavior to reflect the consequences sooner or later. Well, I waited well beyond later. Thankfully I have a high self-esteem and am fully equipped with a long history of perseverance through un chingo de adverse moments in my life. That is how the Payazaro you now know came to be. You can either get lost in serious mode, or you can step back and slap that reality silly! Conclusion: the slap is underrated 🙂

Just over a week ago my grandmother’s house caught on fire. It would have “burned down” but fortunately the houses in Mexico are made of brick as opposed to wood. Nevertheless, everything inside of it was  either ashes or completely destroyed. My grandma is fine and I made sure to transport myself on over to lift her spirit the only way Payazaro knows how–Laughter. I’m glad my mother inherited her sense of humor. Even though my grandma was devastated, it didn’t prevent her and the fam from cracking jokes about the fire. I’m all for it as long as it doesn’t make ‘Super Chencha’ laugh. Who is Super Chencha? Meet my archrival:

Super Chencha

Coincidentally, I am her nemesis. And for that reason I was inspired to make my very first short video ever. It accurately captured an online encounter/battle via Skype.

Obviously I owned her in this video. Total domination on my part. It wasn’t quite Hollywood but at least the “bad guy” eventually ended up in hell. That is a victory for all. Síganme los buenos!

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