Gone Off The Deep End

I will admit it, I have gone off the deep end. Though I mean this figuratively, I can’t help but imagine myself standing at the edge of a diving board at an Olympic sized pool. Before I could even finish mentally preparing to dive in head first, I was already swimming half-way down to touch the bottom of the pool. Why? Somehow I felt that if I succeeded in doing this, life would make more sense. They say curiosity killed the cat, but not this cat. I touched the base of this pool and am swimming back up to catch my breath. I can see the sunlight bright above the water shattering like broken pieces of mirror reflecting and shining blinding light into my eyes. Though my heart beats a mile per second, I have no fear. I’m anxious to make it all the way to the top to relish in my accomplishment. Maybe this is the feeling people get when they run a marathon, except it took me almost 4 years to finish. Time is relative and only a small detail in an experience of a lifetime.

They say that every answer you find leads to more questions. Unfortunately the answers to those new questions require diving back into a bigger and deeper pool. Fuck the new questions for now, it’s time to enjoy the newly acquired answers…

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3 thoughts on “Gone Off The Deep End”

  1. now that you’re out of the water, soak in the warmth of the pooled water on the concrete edge while you reflect on the significance of your new found knowledge 🙂

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